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Towed Tagging Devices which enable non-intrusive, low impact, timed deployments on sea animals, such as Manta Rays and Sharks. The MAANTA tags are capable of recording video footage and transmitting by satellite link a diversity of animal behavior and habitat parameters, including depth, global position, temperature, activity, among many others.

Low Impact On Animals 

Low drag and minimally invasive for animal welfare

Mission Duration

Potentially several days

Tested up to 72 hours

Enhanced Performance

Hydrodynamic design based on  CFD simulations

Depth Rating

2000 meters (customizable)


Satellite / VHF (Third-party payload integration)

Timed Release

Reliable underwater timing devices

MAANTA devices have been widely deployed on different ocean species all over ther world.
These non-invasive devices are customized according to the target species and can be deployed either by a tether or through suction cups.


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